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Thursday, September 28, 2017

How To Manage Your Monkey:Guest Post: How Do You Handle Financial Fears And Make The Best Decisions For Your Life?

The following is a guest post.  This post does not necessarily reflect the views of Suzanne and David E. McClendon, Sr. or Manian Debil Productions.

How Do You Handle Financial Fears And Make The Best Decisions For Your Life?

Everyone has fears when it comes to money:
  • The fear of not having enough to retire.
  • Fear of making another bad financial choice.
  • Fear of taking a risk like changing jobs/starting a business.
  • The fear of choosing the right financial advisor after being burned in the past.

The answer to dealing with your fears, says Al Zdenek (www.AlZdenek.com), author of the bestselling book Master Your Cash Flow: The Key To Grow And Retain Wealth, is starting to take actions that will allow you to live the life you want to live right now and through retirement.

“There is a certain amount of cash flow, if you had it coming in right now and for the rest of your life – inflation adjusted – that would allow you to live the lifestyle you wanted now and forever,  and make you financially independent,” says Zdenek, CEO and founder of Traust Sollus Wealth Management. “Find out what that amount is and start making better choices.”

Making the wrong choices can lead to you working harder and longer in life, and winding up with less wealth and cash flow.

On the other hand, Zdenek says, making better choices around such things as your careers, your business, budget, income taxes, insurance, portfolio management and debt can create the lifestyle people yearn for now and for the rest of their lives.

Zdenek can discuss how to make better financial decisions in everyday life to live better, with less stress and anxiety, while increasing their cash flow and wealth.

About Al Zdenek

Al Zdenek (www.AlZdenek.com) – author, speaker and wealth advisor – is the President, CEO and founder (1982) of Traust Sollus Wealth Management, a boutique wealth management firm dedicated to empowering people to live the life they wish now and in the future by consistently making the best financial decisions.

His bestselling book, Master Your Cash Flow (Forbes Books) shows readers how to avoid making poor and disastrous financial decisions, finding additional cash flow from every-day decisions that, if saved, will build wealth sooner. Zdenek has been contracted by ForbesBooks to continue writing the Master Your Cash Flow series, with a new book entitled Master Your Cash Flow: The Key to Build a Valuable Business, to be released in March 2018.  The upcoming book will be for entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and anyone who wishes to run a successful business.  

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