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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Book Review: Getting to the Green: Golf, Financial Planning, and Life: Not Necessarily in that Order by Altair M. Gobo, CFP

If you are looking for a complete guide to how to invest and make lots of money, Getting to the Green: Golf, Financial Planning, and Life: Not Necessarily in that Order by Altair M. Gobo, CFP ain’t it.  In fact, we are not sure that such a book exists anywhere.

That being said, if you are looking for a good basic book to get you from just thinking about financial planning to actually doing it, Getting to the Green may be a helpful tool.

The author, Altair M. Gobo, travels in a completely different world than we here at How to Manage Your Monkey. He states that $300 for a single club doesn’t seem like a lot.  Maybe not in his world, but here in the world of beans and rice poor, that is two month’s worth of groceries.

That difference aside, we like what he has to say. He has a great way of presenting the information one would need to better understand the world of financial planning.  

If you like to play golf and you understand the lingo, Getting to the Green will help you better understand the world of financial planning and the importance of doing so.

If you are like us and the only golf you have ever played involves a windmill hole, you will still learn something.  

Getting to the Green is well-written and the explanations are simple and easy to understand.  He makes great points regarding building your financial planning team and choosing the right equipment.

We give Getting to the Green all five stars.  The author offers some great advice and gives some excellent tips, just like a good golf pro.

Five Star Review

You won’t want Getting to the Green to be the only book on financial planning you read.  To borrow from Gobo’s golf analogy, you don’t want to just have one club in your bag. You will want to add books like The Financial Briefing by Eric Hutchinson and Master Your Cash Flow by  Al Zdenek.

With these three clubs, you should be able to play an outstanding game.  We will meet you over at the Fred Flintstone hole.

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