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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Friendly Fill Ins 13 October 2017

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowingand McGuffy's Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

1. Keep calm and send the Marines.

This is the way I originally heard the quote.  I am not sure what the actual original quote is.

I think, “Keep calm and turn it over to God” works well here.  I have always heard and used the term, “Let go and let God”.

The Marines are the first to fight.  They are the only group the President can send to a foreign country without an actual emergency or authorization from Congress.  

2. Christians today disappoint me.

There are so many out there that think that whatever they do or say is okay if they just follow up by saying something about God.

Some will use words like “tolerance, faith, and Christian love.”  Yet they don’t show any of it themselves.

We get dinged all the time on our Amazon reviews because we stand strong on the issues like not using the Lord’s name in vain.  We point out where books have taken a wrong turn when it comes to profanity or promiscuity, etc.  Some commentators will say they are Christians, too.

Either you believe or you don’t. You either believe that God means what He says when He calls certain actions abominations or you don’t.  

But, what would Jesus say?  I believe if He were to address these issues today, He would say, “Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more.

3. Suzanne  is my best friend, advisor, confidant, sounding board…

She and I spend most of our days together.  We do most things together.  She is here for me.  She has saved my life countless times.  

4. In retrospect, life is wonderful.

YouTube has a new program where they have automated the videos they don’t want to monetize.  This means that if their robot sees certain keywords anywhere in your video or description, they won’t run ads on it until it has been reviewed.  They won’t review a video unless it has at least 1000 views in the last 7 days.  They have dinged several of my videos.  Some are How to Manage Your Monkey videos that deal in Christian issues.  I have no idea what they find offensive.

You know what?  It just doesn’t matter.  God is in control.  He is going to see to it that the revenue we need will come in anyway.

Many of our Manian Debil Production T-shirts were deactivated because they had no sales on Amazon in the last period.  

You know what?  It just doesn’t matter.  God is in control.  He is going to see to it that the revenue we need will come in anyway.

We are claiming a victory in Jesus.  Suzanne is completely healed.  Her vision is perfect.  

We are claiming a victory in Jesus. I am completely healed.  My vision is perfect.

How to Manage Your Monkey will continue.  It is successful because HE is the sole judge of success.

Everyone have a blessed week!

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  1. I think the first way I heard it was "Keep calm and carry on". The first place that I saw it was Pinterest.

    I am glad that we get to spend most all of our time together. I wish it had been that way from the start.

    I love you, my Zing.

  2. Interesting fill-ins today, David. Special Forces are usually the first to be called, and each branch of the service has them. Of course, it varies who is called to action first, based upon needs and circumstances. God Bless them all. I know what you mean about Christians. God will judge. I am only human and make many mistakes. I thank God for His control. And, things happen for reasons. I believe that. My faith and trust is in Him. Peace.

  3. Thank you for participating, I always enjoy your answers. I am thankful for the Marines and all who protect us. I am sorry that youtube found some of your videos offensive, that is ridiculous. I am glad you both had prayers answered with your vision. Have a nice weekend!

    1. YouTube has a new program that automatically screens the videos for keywords that have something they don't like. I even tried it with no keywords and they still dinged it. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. My dad was a Marine--I have a special place in my heart for that branch of the military as a result. Suzanne sounds like a wonderful person. You both are lucky to have each other. Have a great weekend, David!

    1. The Marines are one tough outfit. They are the only department of the military that the President can legally send anywhere unless it is an emergency situation. Otherwise, he has to seek congressional approval to do it. They are the first to fight. Everyone in the Marines is referred to as a Marine. In the other branches/departments, they are given different titles depending on rank. And, there is no such thing as a "Former Marine." Once a Marine, always a Marine. It is a band of brotherhood like no other. Thank for stopping by and commenting. Have a blessed weekend.


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