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Thursday, November 2, 2017

How To Manage Your Monkey: Lower The River

We talked about raising the bridge by increasing the money you have coming into the household.  That is only one side of the problem.  Like the old Southern saying goes, “If you can’t raise the bridge, you have to lower the river.” 

No matter how much you increase the income, if you don’t get control of your spending, your life will be just like the federal budget.  They increase taxes, but then they increase spending by more than they increased the taxes.  The idea is to keep an eye on every amount of money that goes out.

Xerxes Principle says that your expenses rise to meet your income, if you don’t do something to prevent it.

The reason for this is that when we increase our income we begin to see a little relief.  We celebrate the increase in income by buying new clothes or a new car.  We eat out more often because we feel we have less time to prepare food at home due to our increased responsibilities that are part of a promotion that got us more money.

Somehow, we feel justified in spending more because we are making more.  We got along okay before the increase in income.  Now, we are just as broke as we were before our income went up with nothing to show for it.

We are going to discuss frugal living for a while now.  When we say frugal living, we are not talking about those people who dumpster dive for food or those who ask people in a restaurant for their leftovers.  We are talking about not wasting money.

In the next few episodes, we will discuss ways to reduce your outgo.  Not all of these ways will work for you.  Perhaps this information will spark ideas for you.

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  1. It is hard to not waste money, it seems to disappear.

    1. This is true. A money diary helps us see where the money is going. Not just a recording of each transaction, but what was purchased and why.


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