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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesdays with GIndy: A Bride and Her Cats

When Suzanne and I first started dating, one thing I noticed was that there were a lot of cats at her house.  All of them were outside cats.

It seems that Suzanne’s home, which I later dubbed “The Plantation”, was the Kool-Aid House for cats.  You remember the old commercials; there was always one house where the kids congregated because the mom always served Kool-Aid to the kids. 

The cats all congregated at The Plantation for no known reason. They just seemed to find the place.

I had always been of the mindset that cats are just furry snakes.  I always
thought they were sneaky and just waiting to attack.  That was a long time ago.

One day, while visiting Suzanne at The Plantation, I was leaning up against the car talking to Suzanne’s brothers when a cat came up to me and started rubbing on my leg.  I asked her brothers what the cat’s name was and one told me its name was Trouble.

I picked Trouble up and started petting it.  Trouble was evidently sick because very shortly after I picked him up, he pooped very runny poop all over me.

Suzanne and I were planning to go out that night.  I had runny cat poop all over me.  I had to drive over seven miles back to McClendon Manor to get a shower and change of clothes.

A few days later, Trouble showed up at The Plantation with his tail cut off.  Someone had chopped this cat’s tail very short.  I thought that was incredibly mean.  Suzanne’s brothers thought I had done it in retaliation for him pooping on me.  I figured Trouble was sick and could not help it.

Fernwood J. Worthington III
Another day, a new cat showed up at The Plantation.  Suzanne’s brother Ray had decided I should name this cat.  Therefore, an impromptu naming ceremony took place right then and there.  The cat was mostly black with white paws and a white chest.  I thought he looked like a sophisticated man wearing a tuxedo so I named him Fernwood J. Worthington the Third.

When Suzanne and I got married, we did not have a pet.  Soon after we moved into our first home, Suzanne asked if she could bring her kitty from The Plantation.  This cat’s name was Cuddles.

Cuddles was black with white feet and a white chest. Are you seeing a trend yet?

One night Suzanne and I were walking through the Anderson Mall about closing time.  Suzanne saw a pet store and wanted to go in. I did not want to go in, but went in anyway.  I thought, "This can’t end well".

After a few minutes, Suzanne saw two little kitties playing in a cage.  One was white with some black on its face. The other was solid black.

Suzanne asked for one of the kitties.  I said “No”.  Suzanne asked again.  I reminded her we already had Cuddles.  She asked again.  She started picking out toys and a litter pan, a litter scoop, and some kitty food.  I said” Okay”.  Two hundred dollars later, we were the proud owner of a cat and all the fixins. 

As we walked out the door, the manager locked the gate that shows the store is closed.  Suzanne turned to me and said, "Now the other baby will be all alone tonight.  This little baby will be lonesome too."  So, that is when I turned around and yelled to the store manager to open the gate. I knew I had lost this one.

We had to pay double for that second cat because the manager had to reopen the store and get the register back up.

Suzanne was happy.  It made me happy to see the look in her eyes.  The new kittles' names were Bandit and Farnsworth.  They were inside cats with Cuddles.
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  1. Very sad about the cat with the tail cut off. I am glad you adopted both kittens so one wouldn't be alone.

    1. It was sad. Suzanne knew what she was doing from the get go. She wanted both cats but knew I would probably say no since we already had a cat at home.


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