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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

What do you think?

I was wondering if any of our readers would like to weigh in on a discussion.  Believe it or not, some discussions still take place offline.

In our small town, we have several convenience stores that are owned by one family.  There are two brothers-in-law that both run convenience stores. One guy owns both of the stores.  The owner brother runs one store and his brother-in-law runs the other.

One of the two goes to the bank, makes a deposit of checks, and then takes many thousands of dollars out.  He hides the money various places.

When he gets to his store, he looks around carefully then goes to the door, unlocks it, steps inside and immediately locks the door.  He then goes inside a locked booth and places the cash in a secure safe and only keeps enough out in the locked booth to cash a few checks.

The other one goes to the bank just the same. He deposits checks, takes out cash, and then carries the money bag out of the bank in plain sight.  He places it on his car seat and drives across town.

He goes across town, unlocks his store, does not lock it, then he goes to his counter, places most of the money in the register and the rest he leaves within easy reach under the counter.  There are no locks and he does not bother to secure his cash.

Pretty much everyone knows that both stores have cash.  That is not the question. Everyone knows that both brothers-in-law cash checks.

The conversation centers around this.  It is a crime either way to take a gun and hold up either brother-in-law and take his money.  Which one is most likely to fall victim to an armed robbery? And, if both are robbed, which brother-in-law is most likely to be paid off by the insurance company?  

Both brothers-in-law have reason to believe they will fall victim to an armed robbery.  It is just as bad to rob one as to rob the other. In both cases, the brother-in-law does not want to be robbed.  

Both have been robbed numerous times.  Of the two, which one do you think has been robbed more often? Which of the two do you think has lost the most money?  Could either of them be, at least partially, at fault for the robbery?

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