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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Marine, Standing in the need of prayer!


Our Marine
Here is a link to a fundraiser our son Davey and his wife created to try to raise money to get to New York.  This is not a pleasure trip for them. New York is one of the last places in the world this old redneck ever wants to go.

So, what is going on.  Our son, David, Jr., joined the United States Marines back in 2014.  His goal then was to use the training from the Marines to get into law enforcement here in Wharton, Texas.  It seems that this is the best way in.

Once he got into the Marines, he decided to make it a career.  He had goals and
Our Two Sons
advanced rapidly, for Marines. Many Marines don’t make it past Lance Corporal.  He made it to corporal with plans to go all the way up in the enlisted ladder.

Well, time to reenlist was upon him, so he turned in his reenlistment package and it sat on a desk.  When he checked up on it, he found it had been sitting. He resubmitted it. It was lost. He submitted the package. He was then told his job had been filled and he could not reenlist.

Our Marine
Now, Davey and his wife intend for him to attend college at the New York Institute of Technology using his G.I. Bill funds.  The problem is, he needs money to get to New York and survive until the semester starts. He would get a

I know, living in New York is expensive.  Most of us can barely make ends meet without living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.  But, he has always been one to accept a challenge. After all, he is one of the few who earned the right to be called a Marine.  

First of all, we would like to ask you for prayers.  Second of all, we would like to ask for you to share the link to their Bonfire promotion.  Rather than ask for money through GoFundMe, Davey and Jamie have decided to sell T-shirts online to pay their way to New York and survive until the G. I. Bill kicks in.

Please pray for Davey and Jamie.  Please ask for the Lord’s guidance and protection.  Please share this link with your contacts and, if you can, please buy one of their shirts.  

Davey may be reached at mcclendonstudios@gmail.com.

Thank You for your prayers and support.

Regards in Christ Jesus.

Suzanne G. and David E McClendon, Sr.

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