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Friday, January 13, 2012

Maggie and the Wild Animals

Davey and Maggie Stories

© 2005 David E. McClendon Sr

Davey and Maggie are brother and sister. The get along most of the time. They have a group of friends to help them whenever they need help. These friends are:

Chocolate: Maggie's trusty teddy bear who is always there for her.
Dottie: A trusty elf toy in a green suit with white polka dots.
Leo: Trusty stuffed lion.
Soldier: A stuffed solider toy. Soldier is a Russian soldier who has made friends with the Green Berets and the 82nd Air Born.

Together they make a great team.

Maggie and the Wild Animals

© 2005 David E. McClendon Sr

One day Maggie was pretending she was walking in the woods. (Maggie really knows that children should not go anywhere without a grown-up, even if they have their trusty toy friends with them).

All of a sudden she hears a sound in the bushes. Then she sees that the sound is being made by a great big wolf.  The wolf says to Maggie "Where are you going little girl?" Maggie says, "I am just out walking through the woods looking at all the pretty flowers and trees."

The wolf says, "I am going to eat you up and your little bear friend too."

About that time Chocolate speaks up and says, "You can't hurt her, she's with me."

The wolf says, "You are too small to do anything."

Now what the wolf did not know was that Maggie and Chocolate were not alone. Just behind them
and just out of sight were Davey and his group of friends, Leo, Soldier, and Dotty.  While the wolf was talking to Maggie and Chocolate, Davey and his friends had managed to surround the wolf.

Soldier spoke up and said, "We may be small but there are a lot more of us than there are of you." The wolf looked around at the group and laughed. He said, "What can you guys do to me?"

While he was asking, Leo was busy throwing a rope around the wolf. Dotty was calling the local animal shelter and Soldier was getting a baseball bat to hit the wolf with in case he tried to get free.

Chocolate said, “We may be small but when friends stick together we can accomplish anything.”

The animal shelter came and took the wolf out to a great big forest and turned him loose. There he could hunt and play and not hurt any children or their friends.

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