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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

McClendon Studios Presents: A Pool Cue to the Head

A Pool Cue to the Head

One day I was in the yard cleaning out my car when the tones went off. That is the rescue squad radio made a noise that would open up all the Iva Rescue Squad monitors so they could hear the dispatch. There was a call that went out that we were needed at Snuffy’s Tavern. I went to the squad hut and got in the ambulance. The ambulance rolled and we pulled up to Snuffy’s.

Snuffy’s was a rather rough place that was located directly across the street from my
family’s Western Auto Store. When we arrived I saw my father standing at the corner of the parking lot pointing to the ground beside him. I thought he was telling the ambulance to park there. Since we were already parked I got out of the ambulance and went in.

When we got inside I commenced to assisting the E. M. T. to tend to the victim. It seems that there had been a fight. I don’t know what it was about but during the course of the fight our patient had a pool cue impaled through his skull. He was lying on the floor with both ends protruding from his skull. Soon after the man had been impaled by the pool cue his sons produced guns and shot several people. Several other people shot back and many were hit. All had left the bar.

I looked up and saw my father standing over me with his 357 Magnum in his hand. He had been signaling for me not to go in the bar but to come over to him and stay out of it. Since I did not comply with his wishes he was determined to protect me. And there he was.

We completed immobilizing the pool cue in the man’s skull. We transported him to the Anderson Memorial Hospital where he died on the operating table.

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