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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Beast that Wouldn’t Die

What is seven feet tall, sixteen feet wide and wears nail polish? The answer is the Beast that wouldn’t die. Suzanne and I took on a project at a local retail store to reset the cosmetics wall. We do that sort of thing all the time.

Well, we started at 9 PM on Friday night and finally finished up after 10 AM Saturday. Or at least we thought we were finished. While we were reworking the wall we had problems with hooks breaking and could not get the store employees to locate new ones. The wall was actually bowed so shelves would not set properly and everything looked slightly off-kilter. We could not get any employees to find us a different shelf so we could try to set that one instead. The overnight manager instructed her people that “We have a business to run here. Don’t help those people.” What she seemed to forget is that we were there to help her. Without us store employees would have to take the time to reset the wall on the company dime. We weren’t costing the store anything. The cosmetics vendor was paying us.

We finally got everything straight and the next day we got a call from the vendor’s agent. It seems the cosmetics department manager wanted everything to be moved down on the wall by about one inch. Other than that everything was fine. So, back we went to the store. We started at 10 AM and finished at 2PM.  We got the department manager to sign off on the project and we went home to crash.

I have a problem with my ankle called Charcot Ankle. Basically, I have trouble walking if my ankles are put under stress. It took a few days, but I am finally able to walk again. I think I am just too old for all of this.

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