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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Foot Traffic Happy Birthday

Happy fiftieth birthday David

Foot Traffic

If you are in retail one of your biggest concerns is getting feet in the door. We call that foot traffic. If you have a restaurant or have a movie theater or night club, you call it getting butts in the seats. The concept is the same even though the name is different. A rose by any other name still has a bee in it that will sting you.

Many stores try to increase their foot traffic a multitude of ways. Wal-Mart has the “Everyday Low Prices” idea which, in theory, works better than most other methods. Some stores will use sales and promotions. Some stores will have contests and give-aways. But the best method of getting feet in the door is word of mouth.

If, once a person comes in your store you treat them well, they will probably be back. If, however, you ignore them or, worse yet, are out and out rude to them, chances are good they will never cross your threshold again. It is important to serve every customer well every time.

In order to improve foot traffic the store must decide what it can do better than most other stores. Once they have decided that, they can use that as a niche to get people in the door. One local convenience store brags on their restrooms. Customers stopping there can be sure they will find a clean restroom. Their prices are higher than most other stores, but they have the cleanest restrooms around. Families that need to stop for a drink and chips will probably stop there and pay a few dollars more so they can use a clean restroom.

Whether your store offers the cleanest restrooms, the freshest coffee, the tastiest snacks, the coldest drinks, the widest selection of snacks or whatever, you need to use this as your selling point. Get the feet in through the door and then turn that visitor into a customer.

Can you think of some great ideas to get customers to walk through your doors? Share them with the old redneck in the comments. 

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