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Monday, June 4, 2012

It Gets Interestinger and Interestinger

The more I read the more interesting it gets. I have been researching hypnosis off and on for many years. Years ago we had a problem in our family with ADHD. Nothing, including drugs, fixed the problem. Finally, I resorted to a hypnosis tape.

The problem was our son could not pass his spelling tests. We went over the words many times, but still he had problems. Finally, I got a tape on self-hypnosis from Potentials Unlimited http://potentialsunlimited.com/. I had used the tapes produced from this company before and liked them. I set the tape to play while our son was sleeping. After that tape finished, I played a tape of me reading the spelling words and then spelling them out. I did this on Thursday night and on Friday our son had a spelling test. He went from failing to 100 in one week. The only difference was the hypnosis tape.

Today, I learned that Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot studied hypnosis and was one of the early experts in hypnosis and its results. This to me is very interesting because the problem I have with my ankle is called Charcot Ankle or Charcot Foot and is also known as Charcot Syndrome. The same doctor who first discovered the problem with which I am afflicted was an early hypnosis expert. He was also the first to describe multiple sclerosis. Interesting or what?

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