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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I hate cats

I hate cats

Not really, but I was never really a cat person. And, I am highly allergic to cats.

Growing up I was a dog person. We almost always had a dog. My Aunt Mary Ann had cats and she gave one of them to my sister. She named him Gilligan. Gilligan was all black and was sickly. He did not live very long. Then came Elvis. He was all black, too.

When Suzanne and I started dating I discovered that she loved cats. There were all kind of cats at their house. One was named Trouble. One day while waiting for Suzanne to get ready for a date, I picked up Trouble. Trouble pooped all over me. So much for trying to make friends with the cat.

When we got married Cuddles moved in with us. Then Suzanne talked me in to buying Bandit and Farnsworth. Cuddles tried to attack one of the new kitties and I reached to stop him. He attacked my arm and bit me. I flung Cuddles out the door thinking that cats always land on their feet. Wrong. Cuddles got a new attitude and was a very loving cat from that point.

We went through several other cats. I was diagnosed with cat allergies. In fact, I cough my head off when around cats. The more cats there are, the more I cough.

David and Hallow
Years ago the kids asked me if they could have a cat. I told them if God wants you to have a cat He will give you one. God has a sense of humor. A few days later, not one but four cats show up under our house. Little babies with no mommy to be found. We now have four cats but only three of them want anything to do with us.

Later, Kris arrives on our door step. He is a sickly cat and the kids adopt him. This was about nine years ago and Kris is sitting on top of our van as I type this. He is old and often poops on top of the car. But, we love the old man.

Somehow along the way our house became the Kool-Aid house for cats. It seems that every mama cat wants to use our house as her labor and delivery room. I have no idea how many cats are out there, but they all have names.

We have a batch of kitties that seem to think they are puppies. They come running to us when we get out of the car. Often times they wait for us at the back door. They are very cute.

Presently, I have been coughing a lot more.

I hate cats.

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