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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pushed Up and Put Out

Pushed up and Put Out
Why is it that almost all of the articles of clothing designed to fit the top half of women are padded, pushed up or underwired today? Did someone, somewhere decide that American women were somehow drastically affected by gravity?

Most garments sold in America are manufactured elsewhere. So, you have to imagine that some woman sitting at a sewing machine over in Bangladesh has to be saying to herself, “American women sure are small up top.”

You have to blame all this on the stores. Manufacturers only make what the stores are willing to buy. Stores like Walmart know they are going to sell whatever they put in the stores because in many of their markets they have run all the competition out of business. They know you will buy what they have to sell because you have no other choice. If you are woman who is 38-D, regardless of how ridiculous you think it is to wear a padded bra, you will buy a padded bra.

For a guy looking to give his woman a present of lingerie it is bad. “Here you go baby. I bought you a teddy.” The woman has to think that he thinks she is small up top because the only teddy he could find in her size, or any size for that matter, came double padded and pushed up.
We live in a society that is too hung up on the size of a woman’s body parts. Men are to blame for this to a point. Most men gawk at a woman who is large up top. Today though who would know who is large and who is extra padded? From my perspective, who cares?
What happened to the times when a woman wasn’t tattooed, pierced, heavily made up and padded? Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

It is time for America to speak up with its pocketbook. The women of America need to refuse to buy anything that is padded, underwired, or pushed up. Men need to stop placing such a premium on such things. Let’s stop supporting the industries that make women feel inadequate. Everyone should be happy with who they are and with what God gave them.

What do you think?

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