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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs
I love deviled eggs. I guess they are one of my weaknesses. If Suzanne makes a dozen deviled eggs, I eat a dozen. They are great.
Suzanne makes them like my grandma used to. A little Dukes Mayonnaise, some pickle juice, a little paprika, and a lot of love. They are great.

I remember way back when at Flat Rock Baptist Church in South Carolina I announced to some of the ladies of the church during a church fellowship meal that I was holding a deviled egg contest. At the end of the contest, I announced that it was too close to call and that further research was needed. From that point forward, several of the ladies in the church made a point to make sure I knew that they had brought deviled eggs and which ones were theirs.

I think when we get to heaven that just past the tomato sandwich table there will be a deviled egg table. Probably just beyond that is the table with rib eye steak, fried shrimp and fried okra. Of course, Dukes is the official mayonnaise of Heaven. It is hard to find it in Texas. I guess that tells you how far away Texas is from Heaven.

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