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Tuesday, January 15, 2013



A showroomer is a person who comes into a brick-and-mortar store with the sole intention of gathering information about a product. They want to “kick the tires” so to speak. They want to gain information about a product and then comparison price that product with the same or similar products online. These showroomers are using their smart phones to comparison shop from the sales floor. Great!

I have worked in retail for the last thirty-eight years. I have been a mystery shopper for various companies for the last seven years and I think I have an unusual insight to most shopping experiences.

I think that stores should embrace the showroomer. If I can get you into my store to comparison shop, then I have over half the battle won. I know I can’t convert 100% of the people coming in my doors, but if I can convert even one of them who come in simply to comparison shop, then that is one more customer.

If I offer great customer service and I have the product in stock and at a reasonable price, then I have a great shot at converting the showroomer into a paying customer. Perhaps by creating displays of more popular items that give actual comparisons of different online retailers listing their prices along with shipping charges and estimated delivery dates, then I can help my showroomers make the decision to buy today.

By having knowledgeable salespeople who are helpful and friendly without being overbearing or using high-pressure techniques, I provide something the online stores can’t: face-to-face service. Even in today’s highly competitive market, people want to deal with people. Most people have dealt with those faceless companies that offer little in the way of customer service. Many have decided it is better to deal with a company that speaks their language and is available when they need help.

By placing the product in their hand and getting them to take ownership of the product in the store I have an advantage over the online stores. You can’t feel the product online. The only differentiator is the price. If I can get my price in the ballpark, then I have the sale. Some people don’t mind waiting, but many are looking for that immediate gratification. Send me all the showroomers you have.

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