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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Welcome to the re-launch of Redneck MBA. This is the first of what I hope will be a great many posts on this blog.

I should probably start out with an explanation about the name of the blog. I was brought up in business. When I was a child, I was literally surrounded by many great small business people. Very few of these actually had a business education. What they had was common sense, often called “horse sense,” and a desire to get the job done.

As a young adult I began to read about business. I read many stories about businesses that had once been great but no longer were. Others I read about were still great.

When my father died, I was supposed to take over the family business. My mother, who actually had the final say, sold the business. I went to work for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and received a crash course in business the old fashioned way. I heard about business from people who had actually started and continued to run very successful, and some not so successful, businesses.

When I left the Chamber I went to work for Great Western Consumer Finance and was entered into their “Fast Track Management Training Program.” The idea was that I would learn management first hand from actually managing and from self-directed book study. I was assigned tons of reading and had to take several tests every week.

Through the years I have continued to have some roots in retail. Presently, I advise a small group of family-owned convenience stores and other businesses. By working with them, I am able to learn more and more every day about what actually works in business.

I received my M.B.A. in October of 2011 from the Florida Institute of Technology (also known as Florida Technical University). I received my B.B.A. from Anderson College in Anderson, South Carolina (now Anderson University) in December of 2000.

I hope that reading these posts will inform and entertain you. Along the way, I hope to provide you with information that will be helpful. In my opinion, one can receive the equivalent of an M.B.A. simply by reading and asking questions. One of my goals is to provide the reader with a comprehensive reading list that will give you the tools to succeed in business.

When I mention a book, I do so because I think it might be helpful. I will review these books and tell you how good, or not so good, I think this particular book is. Sometimes book publishers will give me a copy of a book to review. When they do, I provide my honest opinion. I will not give a book a higher (or lower) rating based upon where I got it.

Many of the books I recommend I checked out of my local library. I suggest this to you as well. I do provide links to different books and products in these posts. When I do, I normally will receive some type of commission for any sales that come from those links.

Well, I hope you enjoy this blog. Please feel free to comment on any posts. Please keep your comments readable by all audiences.

One quick question, what would you like to see on this blog? What questions would you like to have answered or what topics would you like to cover?

The opinions or advice listed in this blog or website should be used as a place to start only. It is not a substitute for the use of a professional.
Please be sure to consult your attorney and/or accountant with any specific questions.
There is no one right answer to any business question that will cover all circumstances.
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