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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Few, The Proud, The Marines

We have four kids who survived infancy.  I am proud of all four of them.

My oldest son, Jared is a grown up and off in the Navy, some place.

My oldest daughter will be receiving her college diploma in a few days and then off to her next degree in the fall.

My youngest son has completed two years of college and will soon be shipping out to the Marines.

As you all know, the Marines are a department of the Navy, the MENS department, that is.

My youngest daughter, who constantly surprises me, will continue at the junior college one more semester and then off she goes to another university.  All my kids have very good grades in college.  Most of them have made the dean's list several times and all have very high GPAs.

I just wanted to send a post out to let my kids know how proud I am of them.

The week before Mother's Day I think it is important to acknowledge how great our kids are.  Our kids are great, in part, BECAUSE they have a great mother and IN SPITE of the fact that I am their father.

I think the world of the kids and of my wife, Suzanne.   Happy early Mother's Day, Suzanne.

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