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Thursday, June 23, 2016

ThrowBack Thursday Mrs, Kuhn Second Grade

Mrs. Kuhn's Second Grade Class 1969-1970

We have been scanning in old photos recently.  We came across this one.  I cannot remember any of my old classmates' names.  Way back then, I went by the name Eric because we had several Davids in the class and I told my teacher she could call me Eric if she liked.

Were  you a part of this class? What do you remember?   I remember that Mrs. Kuhn's parents came to class one day and brought a rat skeleton that Mrs. Kuhn had made in college.  I remember that we made butter in the class and it was served on graham crackers.  To this day, I eat margarine (spread) on graham crackers.   It is good.

Drop a line if you remember your second grade year.   Put it in the comment box below.


  1. All I remember about second grade is that Miss Witherspoon had very long fingernails, the longest I had ever seen, and I puked all over her desk one morning. I don't think her fingernails had anything to do with that. :)

    1. I am sure she remembers being puked on by little Suz. as well. She should not have had her desk where you were going to puke.


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