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Friday, July 29, 2016

McClendon Studios Presents: If God Wants You To Have A Cat...


If God Wants You To Have A Cat

You heard about how my wife turned one kitty into two.  Now, read how no cats turned into four.

Years ago, my kids asked if they could have a cat.  I told them no, we could not afford to buy a cat.  I went on further to say, “If God wants you to have a cat, He will give you a cat.”

The very next day, I had to go under the house for something.   There, in the crawl space was not one, but four little kitties.  They were just barely old enough to be weaned, but there was no mama around.

I did not want to tell the kids that I had found the cats because now they would want them and make the rationalization that God had indeed given them a cat.

Well, I knew that I had been licked.  I told the kids and they came and got the cats out from under the house.

There was one solid black one, male; one solid black one, female; one black and white one (black with white feet and a white chest), female; and one solid white one (really kind of cream colored), female.

The kids named the male Whiskers, the black female Charcoal, the black and white female Mittens and the white one Glaze.
Princess Mittens

Glaze decided she did not want anything to do with being a house cat and out she went. Soon after she moved outside, she disappeared.

The other cats stayed in the house and were no problem.

We had the boy neutered since we did not want him to spray in the house.

Then, one day the kids found a solid black male kitty who appeared to be very sick.  I told them to leave him alone because he might make the others sick.

You know kids.  They brought him in anyway.  We were a struggling household of nine people trying to make it by on my disability.  I found out that a local animal charity had a program to take care of vet bills, so off to the vet we went.

This new cat was named Kris by my wife, which was short for Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme

These four cats moved with us to Texas and all eventually went to live in Rainbow Bridge.  I have learned to never say “If God wants…” because He WILL show you His power, and His sense of humor.

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