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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thank You for the 300

Thank You for the 300!

For many people, 300 page views in one day is just a drop in the bucket.  For me, it is amazing.  I am an accountant, financial manager by training, so I pay very close attention to the numbers.  

For instance, I have 165 videos uploaded to YouTube.  It seems that there are some that are kickin' tail and taking names and some just sit there.  I try to analyze the ones that do well and compare them to those that don't and try to figure out what the differences are and how to improve the videos I offer.

An Answer to A Question

Our Two Sons
Some of you have wondered why I say that I miss my kids more when they are home than I do when they are gone.  It seems that while they are home, I remember how good it was to have them at home and close where I knew they were safe.  When they are here, I know that they soon will leave and I will be worrying again.

Skype makes it a little easier to deal with the separation.  Our Marine is thousands of miles away and going to be going off in a ship soon.  I thank God that He has given this Marine common sense, intelligence, and the ability to hit a target the size of a quarter from over 500 yards.  I am doing good to hit the trash can while standing directly over it. 

We never hear from our Navy son.  So, who knows how well he is faring.  We hear from our baby out on the island fairly often and she gets to come home soon.  
Our Oldest Daughter

Now, for our oldest daughter.  She gets to be home for a little while.  She is quite good at special effects and is great at playing characters for local events.  Characters like Tink, The Yellow Power Ranger, and others. 

 However, even though we know that she and her sister are experts at stage makeup, we can't help but have a shocked feeling when we get pictures like this in our inbox

Our Youngest Daughter


More of this on her YouTube and Instagram sites.

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