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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Word High July reflections.

Reflections of a Month Gone By

Whew! Has it really been a month of our Word-High July Filipino word challenge?  Where
has the time gone?  Well, supposedly we would learn a new word each day.  I say 'supposedly' because my memory is very short and I have a hard time remembering the words I know in American. 

Some people call the language we speak English.  However, if you scratch it on the surface, we see that here in the United States of America, like many other places, we have adopted words from other languages and made them part of our own.

One difference that comes to mind is when a friend of ours from Bangladesh asked me to look in the dryer and get the torch and go back and check the beer cooler. 

I had no idea what he was saying.  First of all, the store had been a restaurant, so it had a stove, but I could not think what he could be calling a dryer.  I hadn’t even begun to think about what a torch was.

Turns out he wanted me to look in the “drawer’ for a “flashlight”.  As I understand it, we have several terms that were adopted from Mexico that may or may not have passed through Spain to get there.  Things like “lasso” and “rodeo”.

Well, I can’t say I retained many of these words, but I was at least exposed to them and, along the way, we met some of our fellow bloggers.

I am not the brightest bulb on the tree when it comes to poetry. Many of our fellow bloggers are heavily into it.  That being said, it is good to expose oneself to things one normally would not take a second look at.

Like with two other memes we participate in.  Very rarely will I read fiction.  However, some of the books mentioned in these posts sound like great books.  I will probably never get around to reading them because there are already 52,389 books ahead of them on the Kindle and I think there are about ten print books here waiting to be read.

Also, from time-to-time an author or publicist will send along a book related to a business concept and ask me to read and review it. 

In most of these memes, the bloggers become like a part of the family.  This word challenge was no different. 

Well, Word-High July was fun and really a good idea.  A special thank you for those who shared feedback with us like:

Have a great August, everyone. 

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  1. Your bulb seems pretty bright to me. :) I think this was a fun challenge. I love learning new words. I may not remember all of these, but I will remember tinatangi. :) Love you.

    Are you ready for the happiness challenge?

    1. It was fun. Delta is ready when you are.


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