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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Word High July for 16 July 2016 Word Marahuyo

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Today’s word is Marahuyo. This word means to be enchanted.  I recall 03 November 1984, I was absolutely enchanted when my beautiful child-bride Suzanne walked down the aisle at Boulevard Baptist Church in Anderson, South Carolina. 

If anything, this was one of the most unusual relationships I have ever heard of.  It started when Suzanne’s friend, Holly, introduced us by asking me to see how cold Suzanne’s hands were.

We did not get together then as you found out in my post Master Control. Later, I broke up with Suzanne because I am stupid.  Then, her cousin called me and put Suzanne on the phone. We serenaded one another with records over the phone and then I asked her to take me back.

After we had dated for a while, my father proposed to Suzanne for me. Even today, I am enchanted by Suzanne’s beauty, grace, and charm.

What about you?  What enchants you?

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These words and these photos are from an article by Isabelle Laureta on BuzzFeed titled “36 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The Philippine Language”.  All credit goes to them.

See my Child-Bride Suzanne's Post


  1. David, what a great story....we love RC cola...since I was born in Indiana, spent summers in Chicago and Michigan (grandparents) and raised in Florida, we call it "pop" not soda or soda pop, just pop. I also grew up on Nehigh grape and orange. Now, with that said, my son was born and raised in Alabama and was raised on Dr. Pepper (ewwwwww, just saying, lol). Thanks for the smiles and the memories of RC Cola. OH, one more thing, before I bore you to death, RC cola can't be found here in western NY...how sad is that?

    You and Suzanne are such enchanting folks. smiles

    1. Where we grew up it was called Coke. No matter what brand or flavor you wanted, it was called coke. So, if you wanted a drink, you would say get me a coke. The other person would say what kind and you would tell them, Sprite, Tab, Pepsi, Dr Pepper or even Coke.

      Out here, it is called soda water or sody water.


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