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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins - 19 August 2016

Friendly Fill-Ins - 19 August 2016
This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-in-the-blanks:
1  1.     When I run out of almost anything, I use duct tape  instead.

Come on now, what self-respecting redneck does not have at least one roll of duct tape in their bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen?  You also need at least one for each car.  I used to get irritated when we had a store and people would come in and ask for duck tape instead of duct tape.  Come to find out, it was invented for military use and was originally called duck tape.  Now, Duck Tape is a brand name.

2. My guru is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  If my understanding is correct, a guru is the one we turn to for advice and enlightenment.  That would have to be God.

Broad Banded Water Snake
Taken by Suzanne G. McClendon
With a wide angle lens
3. I am afraid of not much of anything anymore. I used to be deathly afraid of snakes.  Now, we are surrounded by them.  We walk into the kitchen from time-to-time and see them.  Actually, if I had to choose something, I would say the unknown.

4. I feel empowered … Here again, it is hard to feel empowered by much of anything anymore. 

It is empowering to know that we have a risen Savior who has our backs in anything.  

We finally got a break in the heat.  We are sure looking forward to cooler weather. 

Currently, I am working on a course called How to Manage Your Monkey.  If you have any recipes that are really cheap to make (frugal), please send them to me at Recipe

Everyone, have a great weekend and please pray for our service men and women.  We are not told what is going on due to Operational Security.  But we have had several requests for heavy prayer.  Thanks.

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  1. Thank you for participating, I enjoyed your answers. I guess I should have said mentor instead of guru for the fill-ins when I was thinking of my answer. I agree God would be the one to turn to for enlightenment.
    Duct tape is a wonderful invention.
    If I had a snake in my kitchen, I would have to move.
    I am sorry you don't feel empowered by anything.
    I will get some recipes to you soon.And I always pray for the military.

    1. I used to feel the way you do about snakes. Now, after there being so many, it isn't so bad. Once, I was in the yard and there were 19 yard cats around. A coral snake crawled by. It was right at 70 degrees. I had always heard a snake could not crawl at that low a temperature. It did crawl, very slowly, past all 19 cats. I killed it with a hoe and THEN the cats ate it. So much for cats keeping snakes away.

  2. LOL! Yes!! Duct Tape! Though I have to admit, it wasn't until recently I bought a roll because I needed to tape up Little Dude's shoes to finish out the school year after he purposely pulled them apart. :) I've also picked up a roll of Seahawks duct tape to repair a camping chair the hubby left out in the elements year 'round, so it's starting to rip in a couple places. I figure since it's a blue chair, I'll creatively turn it into a Seahawks chair with duct tape! :)

    God is definitely the best guru to have, ever. :)

    Substitutions, Gurus, Fear and Empowerment – just some Fun Friendly Fill-Ins on a Friday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. With all the designer colors of duct tape these days, it is amazing what one can do with it.

  3. I am deathly afraid of snakes, so I don't think I'd like to walk into my kitchen and see one! Yes, duct tape can fix so many things. :-)

    1. I can understand. We have a chicken snake somewhere in this house that we have named Sir Hiss. I promised our now Rainbow Bridge kitty, Xerxes, that since Sir Hiss scared him so bad when Xerxes was so sick that I would kill him. I have fought that snake, in the house, several times. So far, the score is Sir Hiss 3, David 0. He has to die. My mother says "The only good snake is a dead snake."

  4. Duct tape is indeed a life saver in so many situations! Now I know where that "duck tape" thing comes from! You have the Best guru, how would we survive without fairh and hope?

    I am still terrified of snakes!! If I ever find one in my kitchen or even on my deck I will die!! We live in rattlesnake country. Ugh!

    I think its impowering that you are determined to keep going with life despite the medical setbacks you've endured!

    1. Thank you. My step brother's girlfriend shot a rattlesnake on her back porch recently. They keep a gun loaded with snake shot. It is always a good idea in snake country, like we both seem to live in, to keep a gun loaded with snake shot.

  5. Snakes are very scary. I do fear the unknown. I wish I thought of that when I posted.

    Have a great week!

    1. I often see answers on the Fill Ins that I think I should have thought of that, too. There are just so many great ideas floating around in our heads at one time that it is difficult to get one roped, throwed, hog tied, and branded. Sometimes we rack our brains trying to think of something and then we see other responses and see that there was another take on a subject that we could have seen if there weren't so many other ideas floating around. Thanks for commenting.

  6. We have snakes around the lakes and rivers of which there are several of each around the city. I thought it very strange to have snakes in the city when I first moved here. There is an army trading fort here and an air force base not far from here. Been lots of activity at both. When that happens it concerns me. Can be a scary world but when we know the One really in charge fear does not consume us.

    1. The word we got was due to Operational Security (Op Sec) they cannot say anything but, our prayers are needed. God is in control.

  7. I always assumed that duct tape was invented for furnace ducts... learned something new.

    1. That was what I thought before, too. When I set out to "Set the record straight" for people who thought that it was called duck tape, I researched and learned I was wrong. I had this same experience when, while in college, I set out to prove that the people preaching about back masking in music were wrong. I was wrong then, too. I actually proved that they were right and that it was worse than they thought. I spent hundreds of hours in the sound modules at the University of South Carolina and learned how bad the back masked messages are.

  8. Great answers. But, I did not realize you are a redneck. *wink*
    I always read the fill-ins on Friday and then get back to them to comment. Weekends are so hectic right now, but will settle down as we get into Fall. Thank you for participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins. We appreciate your participation. Hugs.
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

    1. Part of the beauty and also part of the boredom around here is that every day is pretty much just like the day before it. It is the same-o same-o around here. If you see the post http://random-thoughts-observations.blogspot.com/2016/04/making-diaper-out-of-newspaper.html you will see how much of a redneck I really am.

      Have a great week and enjoy the the rest of your summer.


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