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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday, August Happiness Challenge, and Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Happy Birthday to my Child-Bride 

Throw Back Thursday

August Happiness Challenge

18 August 2016

Welcome to Throwback Thursday and August Happiness Challenge for 18 August 2016.  And, Happy Birthday, Suzanne.

Today is a really special day.  Suzanne and I went on our very first date 35 years ago today.  We went out to eat, I think at Red Lobster, and then to see the movie Endless Love. The Holy Spirit had led me to write to her.

The date was fantastic, but the movie was not so great.  Still, from time-to-time on our anniversary, we will watch the movie.  The song became sort of “Our Song” after we saw the movie.
Suzanne and I got married on 3 November 1984. It was great.
Suzanne is my Zing, which is a term that comes from the movie Hotel Transylvania and its sequel, Hotel Transylvania 2.   If you have not watched either of these movies, you really should.  The sequel is better, but it helps to know the back-story from the first one.

I am sharing several pictures of Suzanne for Throwback Thursday, which is a great meme, by the

Also, needless to say, Suzanne, the love of my life, my child-bride, is what makes me happiest.  I am so glad that my father proposed to her for me.

Suzanne and I have shared many wonderful, and some not so wonderful, times together.  I love her.  Thank you, Suzanne, for all the wonderful years together.

If you would like to wish Suzanne a Happy Birthday, pop on over to P.S. Annie and leave her a comment.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful bride. I must read how your father did the proposing :)

    1. Thank you. His proposal really came from out of the blue. I think he was tired of waiting for the announcement. It was really kind of a known fact that we were going to get married. He just wanted it to be official, I guess.


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