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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not So Wordless Wednesday 31 August 2016

Not So Wordless Wednesday 31 August 2016

Today, I want to share a picture from a wreck that happened while Suzanne and I were working at Avalon Food Mart in Wharton.

One morning, Suzanne and I were working when all of a sudden there was a huge bang that sounded like an explosion.

I looked out the window and saw a car sliding very quickly towards the Station ID sign.  That is the sign along the road that tells that the station is a Cit-Go station.

The car came to a stop within a few feet of the station’s two underground fuel tanks with a total of about 8,000 gallons of fuel.  There was both gasoline and diesel.

I called 911 and was asked if we needed an
ambulance.  I told them I was not sure yet.  Very shortly, the EMS supervisor arrived.  Then, ambulances, fire trucks, City Police, Sheriff Deputies, State Troopers, and Constable Deputies were arriving.  They blocked the four lane highway off in both directions.

As it turns out, an elderly man (in his late seventies) performed what we call a rolling stop.  He saw a car coming, but he thought he had time to get out in the road before the car got there.  The posted speed limit was 35 or so and changed to 45 just past the intersection. 

The oncoming car was traveling in excess of 80 MPH.  The driver of the car had over 200 bottles of prescription drugs and automatic weapons.  The boy crawled out of the car.

The paramedics transported him the 30 miles to the closest open emergency hospital.  There, they said he had a broken skull.  He was scheduled for emergency surgery and a trauma team was assembled.  The thing is, the boy left the hospital before he could have the surgery.

The whole accident was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras from multiple angles. 

What had been a sleepy, slow morning turned into one that was anything but sleepy in a matter of seconds.

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  1. Oh wow! Shows you just how quickly life can change, or take a turn in mere seconds. Thankfully he stopped before those fuel tanks!

    1. Yes, we never know when we leave our house if that will be our last time there or not. The sign stopped him just feet away from the filler pipes for the tanks. If the car had caught fire, Suzanne and I would not be here to make these posts. 8,000 or so gallons of fuel could have gone up in flames in a matter of seconds. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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