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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday17 August 2016

Welcome back to my Random Thoughts and Observations blog and the meme, Not-So-Wordless Wednesday.  Sorry this post is late today.  The heat has been so intensive here I guess it just minded my slip.

Today, in honor of Suzanne’s 17th birthday which is tomorrow, I want to share a couple of pictures with you.  I say it is her 17th birthday because she and I went for our first date on her 16th birthday.  It had to be last year that we did that because she hasn’t changed a bit.  She is still just as lovely today as she was then.

I want to share with you a picture I took of her in a sailor suit back then.  This is after our
first official date but before we went to the prom.  I bought her this sailor suit on the night her junior prom was held. 

We were planning on going.  She paid for our couple ticket and then began to get nervous.  You know all the nervousness that comes from being the center of attention?  Remember the last time you saw a young couple headed out for a prom date?  You might not even know them, but you take a close look at them.

A few days before the prom, we decided not to go.  We called the florist and the bridal shop where I had ordered my tux and told them to cancel.  No problems at all.  No need for a refund because only the deposit on the tux had been paid and it was refunded.

However, the $5 cost of the couple ticket was not refunded.  This bothered Suzanne greatly.  I was not concerned about it at all.  This reminds me of how Sean Thornton is not concerned with the dowry money in the Quiet Man but Mary-Kate Danaher is.  It wasn’t the money; it was the principle involved.

Well, to make a short story long as I am wont to do, instead of going to the prom, Suzanne and I went out on a different date.  We went out to eat at Red Lobster, as we had already planned, and then we went to the mall.  The mall was basically empty because most of the usual customers were out at their prospective proms.

I decided to buy Suzanne a sailor suit. We looked in several stores until we found just the right one.  Then, I decided to buy her some shoes to go with the sailor suit.  We went to the shoe store and we got her a pair of shoes for $40.  Her mother hit the roof when she found out how much I paid for the shoes.

Anyway, Suzanne got tons of compliments on the suit, mostly from men our fathers’ ages.  But a great deal of people complimented her on the suit. I took her picture in it and had prints made of two different poses, 11 X 14.  Suzanne’s grandpa really liked the pictures, so I gave them to him and ordered some more. 

This second picture is my favorite picture of Suzanne and I together.  It was taken just outside of the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was just before we were married.  My mother and Suzanne were there to get some finishing touches for her dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses.  She was also shopping for gifts for the bridesmaids.

My father and I just wandered around the mall and bull corned with one another.

These were very happy times, in both pictures.  None of us had any worry about money. 

For those of you who wonder why I call Suzanne my child-bride, it is because we met when she was just a child.  Our first date was what some people consider the age where girls go from childhood to adulthood, Sweet Sixteen.  We married when Suzanne was just 19.  She is just as lovely today as she was back then.

Oh, secret message to Maggie, some of the things you say let me know that you are watching the videos, just sayin’--Dad

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  1. David, you and Suzanne sound like a carbon copy of DH and me. I was 15 when I met him. He was a senior and I was a freshman in high school. We dated for nearly 3-years. After he finished earning his associates degree in college, we got married. He was a month and a half short of his 20th birthday and I was just 17 and a half. During our courtship days we did go to the prom. I was the complete opposite of Suzanne. I was nervous, but it was because of the excitement. I'm glad we went, but honestly proms are over-rated. We were so bored at ours. Anywho, y'all story is very sweet and I can relate to the no worries of money. You just didn't think about those things when looking to a wonderful future ahead with the one you love, right? Unfortunately reality is a cold slap to the cheek. lol The good news is having a good life-time partner to make the ride more enjoyable. It sounds like you found yours and I found mine. Thank you for sharing this delightful story and the linkup, my friend. :) Have a funtastic day!

    1. Thanks, we have weathered it all together. We went from the top of the heap to be bottom of the pile. We are lost, but holding hands.


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