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Monday, August 8, 2016

Self Help


Recently, one of our fellow bloggers pointed out that a self-help book that really helps is rare indeed.  We totally agree.

You will see this very much in the budgeting books and how to make money online.  You also see it a lot in 

Credit Repair.  

I have worked in the credit industry for many years.  My last six years of working out in the world were spent at the collection affiliate of the local credit bureau back home.   During that time, I learned the ins and outs of credit repair, collections, financing, and more.

Hang in there; help is on the way.

We are working on a course called How to Manage Your Monkey.  The idea being that we all have monkeys on our back that throw our life out of kilter.   Hopefully, this course will help people get things back on track. 

This course will help remind all of us of things we already know but just need to be reminded of.

Prayer: We all know it helps, but sometimes we need a little reminder.
Home organization: We all intend to do it but don’t know where to start.
Did anyone say bulldozer and leaf blower?

We all need help getting our finances in order; well, many of us do.

There are so many books about credit repair out there, where does one begin?  As a veteran of the credit field, I think I can help.

Start out by getting your free credit report and looking over it.  You should NOT join any of these so called credit monitoring services.  At least, not right now.

You are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus each year.  Download these reports and print them out if possible.  Look over your report.  Is there anything in there that is not accurate?  If so, write a letter of dispute and tell the creditor why you feel the listing is inaccurate.  The address and phone number is include in your report.  Send this letter via certified mail to the company that posted the listing.  Also, send a copy of your letter to the credit bureau that has the incorrect information on it.

As an extra follow up on this, ALWAYS include the note cc: followed by the name of the credit bureau you sent the copy to.

If there are legitimate negative things on your credit report, write a letter to that creditor and try to work out a payment plan. 

There are no magic laws that stop creditors in their tracks.  If a collection agency is harassing you on the phone, get their address and send them a certified letter stating that they are to have all further correspondence in writing.  Send a copy to the original creditor as well.  If the phone calls continue, report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

You can fix your own credit. You do not need a credit repair company to do for you what you can do for yourself.

AS ALWAYS, there is no one-size-fits-all financial method that works for all people.  Use this advice at your own risk.  Consult proper PROFESSIONALS before making any change to your financial plan.  Credit repair agencies are not professionals.

By the way, we plan to make this course available free.  Thanks.

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