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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday Prom Night 1983 August Happiness Challenge

Throwback Thursday August 11 2016

Prom Night 1983

August  Happiness Challenge 11

Welcome to Throwback Thursday.  I am also going to use this as today’s August Happiness Challenge because remembering that time in our lives makes me happy.   Suzanne has always been beautiful, but that night she was even more beautiful in her pretty dress and her hairstyle. 

It was prom night, 1983.  This would be Suzanne’s senior prom.  Suzanne and I had been dating for over a year and a half.  We were going to the prom and all was great.

I rented a tuxedo from Thomas and Sons Formal Wear and Suzanne’s aunt loaned Suzanne a prom dress.  This particular aunt had four daughters, so clothing got a lot of utility.  This particular dress fit Suzanne like it had been made for her, at least in my opinion it did.

As we approached time for the prom, it occurred to Suzanne that her best friend was not going.  For some reason, no one had asked her out. Perhaps all the boys she knew were shy.  Holly was not and so they were probably intimidated by her.

Regardless, Suzanne knew she would not have a good time if her friend did not go to the prom, too.  So, she asked me if I would escort both of them.  I told Suzanne to just call Mrs. Phillips at the flower shop and order whatever flowers she wanted and/or needed for both of them.  I also told Suzanne to go ahead and make her a hair appointment for herself, if she wanted it


Well, prom night arrived.  I drove in from the University of South Carolina in Columbia,
South Carolina, and went to the flower shop to pick up the flowers before time to pick Suzanne and Holly up. 

I drove from the flower shop to Crescent High School and picked up Suzanne and Holly.  We went by their houses and picked up the things they needed for the prom.  Then, we went back to McClendon Manor so they could get ready for the prom.

McClendon Manor had plenty of room for just such a thing.  There was the yellow room where Suzanne and Holly got ready.  There was a vanity with a large mirror that was just right for the two of them to put on whatever makeup they chose to wear and it was also good for them to see how they looked in their prom gowns.

The flowers Suzanne ordered had baby’s breath mixed in the arrangement.  She had ordered that, but she did not know that they would look the way they did when she got the flowers.

This created a good deal of frustration for Suzanne.  We put some of the flowers in the refrigerator at McClendon Manor and then went to get Suzanne’s hair done.

The beautician styled Suzanne’s hair and she helped Suzanne get the flowers in her hair just right.

We went back to McClendon Manor to get ready for the prom.  Once we were ready, we drove to Anderson to eat at Red Lobster and then it was off to the Iva Elementary School cafeteria where the prom was held that year.

One guy with two dates caused quite a stir in that conservative little town.  There was no end of whispering going on.  Some we could hear and understand, other we could just hear murmurs.

Most of the guys we could hear were supposing what kind of night we were having. Most of the girls whispered that there was no way that they would allow their boyfriend to take another girl to the prom, even if it was their best friend and they were all out together.

For us, it was just three friends hanging out together, no more, no less.  We had a great time.  I danced all the slow dances with Suzanne and most of the more upbeat dances with Holly.

We left the prom and we took Holly home first.  After we dropped her off, I took Suzanne back to her house and then I went home.  It was a great evening and there was a lot of talk about what must have happened between us. 

One has to wonder, is everyone else’s life so boring that they have to see flamboyant things in a simple matter of three friends going out together?  If the shoe had been on the other foot and one girl went out with two boys, her reputation would have been completely lost.

Suzanne and Holly remain friends to this day, even though we have kind of lost touch with her.  She is still Suzanne’s friend and we do hear from her from time to time.

What about you?  Has there ever been a time in your life when something simple and ordinary has gotten blown out of proportion?  Were you ever the subject of idle talk or rumor?  Tell us about it in the comment box below.

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  1. That is a very sweet story and how kind of you both to care so much for each other's feelings. I can't think of anything off the top of my head, but I know I have done things that were blown out of proportion and yes, I have been the subject of idle rumor and gossip.

    1. It was a nice night and two girls were made happy. Tongues will wag no matter what. My father used to do things to stir up gossip. He was my mother's first husband. He bought her a car and told everyone that her first husband bought her that car. Everyone he told that to thought my father had allowed another man to buy her a car. People talked and he laughed.

  2. Such a cute couple and how sweet of Suzanne to want her friend there and you to agree.

    1. Thank you. Suz is the best. Her compassion seems to know no ends.


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