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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 19 Somethin’ Challenge Day 21


Well, here we are at the end of week 3 of the September 19 Somethin’ Challenge.  Are you still with us?  Are you playing along?  Come on and join the fun.  What has been your favorite prompt so far?

Today’s question is:

Tell me about the first home you remember living in with your parents.

When I was born, my parents brought me home to a little brick house in Doraville,
Georgia.  I remember it was red brick.  Then, my mother decided to paint the red brick yellow.  I don’t know why.
We lived next door to some nurses who lived together.  I remember one time I hurt myself in the yard and I looked up and was surrounded by nurses.  My mom freaked when she looked outside and saw I was being tended to by four nurses at one time. 

One of them gave me a toy car that her nephew left over there. 

On the other side of us lived a newlywed couple.  They liked to practice being mommy and daddy on my sister and me.  They would take us to the store and shop for stuff.  They also liked to babysit us.  My parents did not have to pay for babysitting during that time.

Shortly after my brother was born, we moved to a new, bigger house in Norcross, Georgia. 
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