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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Throwback Thursday The Day

Hello, and welcome to Throwback Thursday.  This is a meme hosted by Suzanne over at P S Annie.  Find an old photo, old poem, old story, old person, or anything else you care to share and join us.

Today, I am going to share a picture of my house at 410 Wedgewood Drive in Inman, South Carolina.  I lived there from the time I was eight until just before my twelfth birthday.

This is the house I came back to on “The Day”.

One day, I went to visit my friends Tim and Steve Blackwell at their house.  After a while, their mother said they needed to go run some errands.   I got on my bike and rode up to the little patch of woods and kinda walked around for a little while. 

I didn’t see anything that interested me, so I just hopped on my bike to ride home.  Then, I noticed.

I could not hear any dogs barking.  I did not see anyone out in their yards.  I could not see or hear any cars driving near.   It was eerie.

Here I was, an intelligent child, so my mind jumped to the natural conclusion: SLEESTAKS.  There was a show on Saturday morning television about this family of explorers who somehow got sucked through a portal into a land of strange creatures, back to the time of the dinosaurs.

This show was called Land of the Lost.  On the show, there was a type of lizard creature that could walk very much like a human, but was always trying to get the family and do them harm.

Back then, we had broadcast television on three channels that was fuzzy when it came in. The reception was not very clear, so these sleestaks looked just as real as anything else on television. 

I told my kids about these creatures and then we found some of the stories on DVD.  When I saw it again, the creatures looked so lame.  But, here they were in clear DVD, not fuzzy broadcast television.

Times were simpler then.

Well, all the way home, I never saw another human or animal.  It was quiet everywhere.  I was apprehensive as I went into the house and I looked for my family.  Finally, I found my sister in the den and she was acting as if everything was normal.

Normal, that is, unless she is really a sleestak dressed to look like my sister.  So, maybe she always WAS a sleestak.  ` 

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  1. It was a nice house, even if it did have a sleestak living in it.

    1. Thank you. It appears that at least one of those sleestaks moved with us when we went to Iva.

  2. I used to watch that show and those sleestacks were scary.

    1. Yes they were and they were everywhere. Grownups could not see them. They could hide behind trees and in shadows. They could change colors to blend into their surroundings. They liked to hide in closets, too. I know my closet had its fair share of sleestacks.


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