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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Throwback Thursday 6 October 2016

Let’s go back, if you will, to a much simpler time.  Let’s go to a time where the only business in town that had air conditioning was the picture show.
Maybe you are too young to remember the days of businesses having a screen door and advertising murals painted on their sides.
{insert pictures from Wallis}

You may not even remember when you went into a store and clerks waited on you.  You would walk in the store and there would be no way of knowing what the store had in stock because it was all in boxes stacked behind counters.

Can you remember a time when you walked into a mom and pop grocery store and you
would stick your hand in a big ice chest full of water, ice, and Cokes?   Back then you had your choice of Coke, Sprite, R.C. or maybe a Pepsi, nothing else.

You could ask the man for a pound of ‘loney meat and he would reach in a deli case and draw out a stick of baloney as long as his arm and measure out what he thought would be about a pound and cut it off.
He would then lay it on the scale.  

Ten times out of nine, he would be exactly on the poundage.  If he was over by a fraction, he would declare it to be “Close enough for guv-mint (government) work” and charge you for only the pound you asked for.  If it was short, and it never was, he cut off some more from the stick. 

Remember when you could get a whole bag of candy for just a few cents?

I remember loading up my wagon with Coke bottles (where I grew up, every soft drink was a Coke no matter what brand or flavor it actually was) and my dog Blackie and I would walk about a mile to the convenience store and cash in the bottles.

Blackie would lie down beside the door and I would go inside.  I would cash in my bottles and get about 3 or so dollars.  I would go to the comic book rack and get me an Archie comic book.  Then, I would get candy and a soft drink.  I would leave the store with all the money I got for the bottles, minus about 30¢ for my purchase.

When I got home, I would put the rest of my loot in a Johnson & Johnson brand Band-Aid metal can.  When the can was full, my mom would drive me to the bank and I would deposit it. 

The pictures that accompany this post were taken by my child-bride Suzanne in Wallis, Texas, earlier this year.  Wallis, Texas was named for some of my ancestors on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family.

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  1. What lovely memories! Things are more complicated these days.

    1. Aren't they now. Back then it was normally safe for a kid and his dog to be out on the street. These days, there is too much badness out there.

  2. That was a much simpler time. I am not a big fan of change, but I am glad we all have computers and the internet now.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Tis true that the newer technology is good. Still I am not so sure how good it is. Someone cut the cable that connects internet and phone communications to this town the other day (I have no idea why all this is handled on just one cable) and the whole town went nutsy coo-coo. The doctor's office could not send a fax. Most stores had to suspend credit and debit card transactions. That is bad. The really bad part is the Barbecue place could not take a debit card.

      I think it was a terrorist ploy. However, if they want to see a war on terror, just get in the way of a Texan and some smoked meat. The war would be over before it started, y'all!

  3. Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/10/playing-with-photoshop.html

    1. You are welcome. I was not sure if my post fit your category or not. I thought I would give it a shot.


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