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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book Review How God Answers Prayers by Elmer L Towns

One book I suggest you read to help you understand God and prayers is How God Answers Prayers by Elmer L. Towns.

Mr. Towns was one of the co-founders of Liberty University along with Reverend Jerry Falwell.

This is not a book on how to pray.  You will not read anything about any particular formula required for your prayers to be heard by God, which is good, because there isn’t any such formula.

This is more a book to explain why God answers prayers the way He does.  And why, sometimes, it feels like our prayers go unanswered when really they are answered.  We are just looking the wrong way for answers to our prayers. 

Very often God has been at work answering our prayers before we even pray them, before we even know there is a need for them.

This book is available in print and Kindle.  We got this book free through a promotion the author had where he gave away copies of the Kindle Book through a Kindle Promotion.  The author hoped to get reviews of his book by doing so.

We are not required to write any type of review in exchange for the free copy.  However, receiving the copy free has not in any way influenced this review.  We are in no way obligated or expected to write any review positive or negative.

You may wish to borrow this book from your local library.  Perhaps your church library has a copy.  
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  1. This sounds like a nice book. I love the Garth Brook's song, unanswered prayers.

    1. I like that song, too. I have sat through many sermons where the preacher picked that song apart because there is no such thing as unanswered prayer. Sometimes the answer is, NO.


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