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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

YouTube Secret How to Make $1,000 per Month on YouTube by Sachin Kumar Book Review

Don’t you just hate it when you start reading one of those Kindle books that appears to be just a bunch of affiliate links that are strung together with very little content?  

Don’t get us wrong; there are a few helpful tips in the book.  However, all those tips can be found easily on the YouTube site. 

It is a given that good audio and a clear picture are a must for a YouTube video.  This book points that out and suggests a camera and lenses you can buy to help.

There are points in YouTube Secret How to Make $1,000 per Monthon YouTube by Sachin Kumar where it appears that the author should have had a proofreader look over the draft and make corrections.  It is possible that this is one of those books people brag about having written in little time at all.

The book does not give the reader any “secret”.  The book spends at least 30% of the pages suggesting software and other products that the author provides affiliate links to.

There is nothing wrong with having affiliate links.  The problem comes in when readers have to pay to buy the book only to be paying for links and very little content.

We suggest:

  • Find a niche where you excel and make videos that fit in this niche.
  • Promote your videos on your blogs and other social media constantly and consistently.
  • Make good quality videos with quality sound and quality video.
  • Use good lighting when possible.
  • Place the camera on a tripod whenever possible.
  • Short videos are better
  • People prefer to see videos in high definition HD.
  • Watch your stats and try to make more videos that fit along the niche of your more popular videos.
  • Select keywords carefully and use SEO.

We were given this book through a Kindle promotion where authors can give their books free without any obligation.  

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