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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Welcome to Manian Debil Productions

Hello, and welcome to Manian Debil Productions.  Who are we?

We are David and Suzanne McClendon and family.  The name Manian Debil Productions come from our sweet angel kitty, Xerxes.  When he was healthy, he was a little fireball.  He was constantly moving, which reminded us of the Tasmanian Devil on television.  We called him a Manian Debil as a cute nickname.

When he died, we named our company Manian Debil Productions. This is sort of the umbrella for all of our endeavors.  

We published our three books; Shattered, How to Pay Off Your Debt, and Is Homeschooling Right For You? under Manian Debil Productions.

Our T-shirts, Taters Not Haters and Don’t Worry Honey Bee Happy are also under Manian Debil Productions.

We have several blogs, all of which are also under Manian Debil Productions.  They are:

McClendon Villa: which is dedicated to photography, poetry, literature, and all other things art-related.  You can find it at:   https://mcclendonvilla.wordpress.com/

P.S. Annie! 2: which is all things genealogy. You can find it at:

P.S. Annie!:  P.S. Annie was named for Suzanne’s great-grandma Annie Black Gunter.  Her picture is the one on the left side of the banner.  Suzanne’s baby picture is on the right side of the banner.  P. S. Annie! is sort of a “catch all” blog for Suzanne.  She posts most of her posts here. Some things that appear on other blogs of hers are posted here, too.  You can find P.S. Annie! at:

All of the above blogs are hosted by Suzanne.  

Blogs hosted by David are:

How to Manage Your Monkey:  How to Manage Your Monkey is meant to help people with personal improvement.  We like to call it “Life Recipe”.  Many people speak of Life Balance but that phrase makes on think of equal parts of everything.  However, we don’t need everything in our lives in the same proportions.  Like when making a recipe, we need the right ingredients in the right amounts to be successful.

How to Manage Your Monkey has a course running on it to help people improve themselves.  We also run guest posts with articles related to self-improvement.  One of our favorite guest post authors is Al Zdenek.

Mr Zdenek is a leading wealth manager.  He has befriended us and has written articles that speak to our audience.

Although we live in different worlds, Mr Zdenek can understand where we are coming from. In his world, his friends know the differences in different vintages of wine. In David’s world, people know the difference between Thunderbird with the red label and Thunderbird with the blue label.  

Big Al, as David calls him because his signature line has a graphic of his first name that is larger than the rest of the email print, is the author of that wonderful book Master Your Cash Flow.

Big Al has suggested that we start a podcast of How to Manage Your Monkey.  We have figured out the how to do it; now, we just need to find the money to host it.

You can find How to Manage Your Monkey at:



And coming soon to:

David also has Redneck MBA.  There is no question that David is a redneck.  Back in 2012, he earned his MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and he has done work towards a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration).  

On the Redneck MBA blog, David seeks to break business terms down into terms “so simple even a redneck can understand them”.

He also runs reviews of business-related books, as well as guest posts written about various business topics.

You can find Redneck MBA at:

Random Thoughts and Observations: David also hosts Random Thoughts and Observations.  This is sort of a “catch all” blog for David.  

He posts almost everything that he posts on the other blogs here. He also posts things like memes here. Every Tuesday, at least up to January of 2018 there are posts called Tuesday’s with Gindy.  This is some story, true or not, told by David, A. K. A. Gindy.

You can find Random Thoughts and Observations at:

Suzanne and David also have review sites you can find at:


We also have McClendon Villa which is a reblog of many of the posts from the other blogs you can find it at:

We review many books and other products here at Manian Debil Productions.  Our review policy is simple.  We ask authors and publicists not to send us anything that has God’s Name used in vain. We also ask that there be no explicit sex in the book and that any videos or still images not have any immodestly dressed people.

If they do send anything that violates that policy, it will get marked down.  It will normally be marked down to zero stars.  People still send us things like that.  When we post the reviews on Amazon, we get hammered by negative comments and “Not Helpful” votes.  

But, like our U.S. History teacher Anna Dean Pennington, at Crescent High School back in South Carolina, used to say, “Eyes calls ‘em likes eyes sees ‘em.”  Don’t send it if it contains these things.

We don’t know why Christians won’t stand with us on these reviews and give us “Helpful” votes on Amazon.  But we stand by what we believe.

We also have our YouTube Channel.  We have videos on a wide range of subjects.  We have lessons in business, just plain stories and jokes, and we have product reviews.  In order to get a product/book review on our YouTube channel, the product has to rate all five stars.  

One reason for this is that when David’s computer died, he had only backed up the five star graphic Suzanne had made to the thumb drive. He is too lazy to look for the other graphics.

The real reason is that we feel we should not waste our watchers’ time by having videos about something we are not 100% behind.  

Recently, we have added C. Moore Hamlet to the end of many of our videos.  C. Moore Hamlet is a plastic skull that our daughter left in the studio when she went back to the University of Houston.

Hamlet's Best

David started playing around with him and he developed a personality of his own.  Some people actually watch all the videos to the end and are often treated with about a minute of Hamlet.  It has been suggested that Hamlet get his own blog. We are working on that idea.  If you have any suggestions, send them directly to Hammie at c.moore.hamlet@gmail.com .

You can find our YouTube Channel at:

Also, you can support these blogs by clicking on the ads and making purchases, by watching the ads that appear before the videos all the way through, and/or by donating using the PayPal links that appear in the sidebars of many of our blogs.  Thank you.

If you would like for me to pray for you, please drop me an e-mail by clicking prayer.

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  1. Very impressive list, I don't know how you two manage to do it all.

    1. Suzanne has it well organized. I just read what she puts in front of me and comment on it. Memes like Friendly Fill-ins give us content. Have a great day.


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