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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge 18 July 2017

1. Growing up, were you close to your grandparents? Tell us one or two specific things you remember about them.

Yes and no.  We lived in Georgia and then South Carolina.  My mother’s parents lived in Texas.  We would seen them maybe once a year. It is very difficult to be close to someone who is over a thousand miles away.

After my grandfather died, I tried to call my grandmother.  I would call and all she wanted was to get off the phone.  She and my cousins and uncle came out to visit me and my brother.  They had not been in the house more than five minutes when grandma was asking when they were going to go see my brother.  

My father’s father died when my father was 17 years old, so I never met him.  

Then, there is my dear “Granny for Short”.  My father’s mother lived in the town where my father grew up.  She worked at the local high school.  In my junior year of high school, we built a small house in the backyard of McClendon Manor.  Everyday, or almost everyday, I could visit with my grandma. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone.

And, this woman could cook.

2. What's an item you were attached to as a child? What happened to it?

The only thing that stands out in my mind is a rubber gorilla.  I called him Grilly.  He came in a GI Joe set.  I played with him a lot.  He was in a box of special things that were in a storage building.  The building, including the tie down straps and concrete blocks it was sitting on, was stolen.

3. When you look out your window, do you see the forest or the trees (literally and figuratively)? Explain.

We live under a beautiful canopy of old oak trees.  If we look a little further we see the canopy of the Exxon station we used to work at.  

Figuratively, I tend to lose sight of the big picture because I focus too much on the little things.  

4. Do you like sour candies? Which of the 'sour' foods listed below would you say is your favorite?

grapefruit, Greek yogurt, tart cherries, lemons, limes, sauerkraut, buttermilk, or kumquats

I am not a sour fan.  I used to eat an occasional grapefruit, but I can’t now because it reacts with my heart medications.  I am more of a sweet fan.  But, I don’t eat too many sweets.

When I eat candy, it is typically chocolate.  I like fruits like bananas and grapes. Buttermilk is okay for cooking, but not so great for just drinking.

Have you ever eaten a kumquat? What's your favorite dish containing one of the sour foods on the list?

I have never eaten a kumquat, that I recall.  I love me some buttermilk biscuits and cornbread made with buttermilk is great, too.

5. July 1st marked the midpoint of 2017. In fifteen words or less, tell us how it's going so far.
So far, Same-o Same-o.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

It is sort of depressing but, due to some technical glitches, I cannot do the videos.  The computer I used to use crashed.  Many of the files I used were lost then, but Suzanne had them backed up to her computer.  I was using her computer for the videos when the subscription we had been given to Office 360 expired.  I used PowerPoint to edit the videos and add the animations.  Until we can get some other way to edit the videos, that doesn’t cost any money, we are out of the video business.

There are several videos that were already uploaded that are due to auto post over the next few months.  If we can find a way to edit in the meantime, it might look like we never skipped a beat.  Sadly, it looks like Hammie did not pass his scream test since that is his last video until we get a way to edit more.

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  1. I loved your Grandma McClendon. She was a very sweet lady and, yes, she most definitely could cook.

    Wouldn't it have been a yummy, fun experience to have my granny and your grandma in a cook-off? :)

    I love you, my Zing.

    1. Well. I can't picture Grandma as the iron chef. It would have been awesome to have the two of them cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the same crowd. Maybe in the hub of the pod house.

  2. My grandmother was also about 1000 miles away; only saw her every other year.
    I must have skipped right over reading "buttermilk"; it's the only way to make biscuits!

    1. You are right, you have to have buttermilk to make biscuits. You really should have it to fry up some chicken.

  3. How sad that your maternal grandmother wasn't interested in spending time with you, but God blessed you with your paternal grandmother. She sounds like an amazing, wonderful woman.
    How lucky to live under those old oak trees! I would love that. I like shade in the summer!
    Praying you find a solution to the video problems. Enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Granny for short was a sweet person. We love the trees and the birds that come to visit them. Have a great week.

  4. That's too bad about your stored items being stolen. I hope you find a way back into editing. I forgot about cornbread made with buttermilk. And my mom likes to dip her piece in a glass of buttermilk which does not appeal to me, but she says it is yummy. Have a good day!

    1. You really should try the cornbread in buttermilk thing. If God is in How To Manage Your Monkey, it will happen.

  5. Your Granny sounds like she was sweet. Sorry about the video problems, I am sure you will be filming again soon.

    1. Thank you so much. We will get there. Have a great week.

  6. I know a lot of folks who have grandparents like that and it's always a little sad. We ought to be the nicest to our families!

  7. So glad you got to know your one granny. Yes buttermilk is best for cooking, nothing else! So sorry about your video issues :(


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