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Friday, September 22, 2017

Friendly Fill Ins 22 September 2017 Cameron Sean Lasoya

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, children of all ages, welcome to the new greatest show on earth.

That is right, I am telling you about our friend, Cameron Sean Lasoya who has a shot at being the next American Idol. He needs your help. Watch his video, visit his YouTube Channel and Facebook page and help promote him. Thanks.

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowingand McGuffy's Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

1. I would never be friends with someone who could not be honest with me.

We have run into so many people in our lives who could be good people if they weren’t always trying to impress people by telling things that just ain’t so.  

2. I will never refuse to help someone, if I can.

We have never had money that we could just pull out of our pockets and hand to someone in need.  However, there are other things one can do to help.  The first one is pray.  Back in the day, I was in the rescue squad in Iva, South Carolina, and later in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Some of the things people needed to be rescued from were brought on by mistakes they had made.  Other times, it was through no fault of anyone.

The bottom line is we all need to help each other.

3. I have never been to Heaven, but I’ve been to Oklahoma.  

Come on now, you all thought about that line when you saw this question, admit it.  I have never been anywhere off this continent.  I don’t care to go anywhere off this continent since that would involve flying on a plane or traveling by boat.  In the words of Lou Holtz, “Taking a cruise is just like going to prison except there is a chance to drown.”

4. When it comes to stupid people, I deal with way more than my share.

Why is it the people who should know what they are doing never do?  We had to deal with a state agency one time that received our friend’s check and cashed it, but they fined him for not paying fees that were due.  I told the woman that the check was canceled on such and such a day.  She replied, “Well, I don’t know why they canceled his check.” I had to explain to a person who had a job in the finance department for this state agency what the term “Cancel” means concerning a check. Don’t they teach anything in school anymore?

Back when we worked in convenience stores, we would see people actually dump their change into the trash can because they did not want it.  There really should a crime called “Felony Stupid”.

Thanks.  Have a great week.  

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  1. I hope that Cameron makes it! Wouldn't it be cool to have two of our homeboys make it big in the business? I think it would be great!

    I love that saying by Lou Holtz. He's so funny. :)

    I love you, my Zing!

    1. Oh yes it would. You should share about the Gilliard young man on your blog. Cameron is eat up with talent. Lou Holtz is an amazing man.

  2. Seriously, you've seen people throw their change in the trash? That's so wrong! I see pennies and dimes on the ground more often these days more often than I used to. I told DH I'd be a whole richer had I picked up every coin I saw but my germaphobe side just won't allow me. People keep getting stupider with each passing year. Good answers to this week's fill-ins. Have a blessed day!

    1. I used to put on disposable gloves and get them out of the trash. I then would wash the change in food grade sanitizer. The younger generation often has not had to work hard for every cent. Our Marine used to search the floors in stores for change. Once he collected over $60 in one day.

  3. Thank you for participating, great answers. I will check out your friend's video. Throwing away change? That is stupid. I have almost gotten run over many times in parking lots just to pick up a penny.

    1. I know it sounds stupid to throw change away, but people do it all the time. Have a great week.

  4. Great answers! I've never seen anyone throw away change. Wow...now that's just ridiculous. I've seen many coins on the ground, but not actually watch someone throw them away.

    1. The first time I saw this, I was surprised. After that, I asked people why. I got answers from, I don't want the weight in my pockets, to it is too much to fool with. I told them from then on just to give it to me. Few ever did.

  5. I have left my change in the dish on the counter, by the register, or put it into a collection box for a charity. I cannot say I have thrown it away, though. I cannot imagine the fortunes buried in landfills! Have a great week.

    1. A lot of people do that. It helps the next person if they don't have quite enough change and don't want to break a large bill. Have a good week.


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