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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesdays with Gindy. What You Sell Today Determines What Your Family Eats Tonight.

My father worked for National Cash Register for many years.  Most years, he was the number one or number two salesman for the entire company. This did not mean that sales were always easy. It simply means that he worked hard at it.

One day he had worked all day going from store to store, business to business, talking to people about purchasing National Cash Registers. So far that day he had not found anyone to buy from him.

He was tired and ready to go home. He pulled into a store parking lot and thought about going home. He flipped down the car sun visor where he had a picture of my mother, my sister, my brother, and me under which he had written, “What you sell today determines what your family eats tonight.” 

After looking at that photo, he decided to make just one more call.  He
walked into a Winn Dixie grocery store. He found the manager who was talking with another gentleman and he asked if he could talk to the manager. My father proceeded to give a presentation about what National Cash Register could do for Winn Dixie.

As it turns out, the man with the manager was the president of Winn Dixie. The president authorized what was then the largest purchase in the history of National Cash Register.

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