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Friday, November 9, 2018

Book Review: Creating Sales Stars: A Guide to Managing the Millennials on Your Team by Stephan Schiffman with Gary Krebs ISBN: 978-0-8144-3938-8

Many of we baby boomers see the Millennial Generation as a bunch of work-brittle, entitled, lazy, people who expect to be paid for not working. Many of us have experienced this first hand.

In the book Creating Sales Stars: A Guide to Managing the Millennials on Your Team by Stephan Schiffman with Gary Krebs, we are told that nothing could be further from the truth.

So, the question here is, do you trust what you see and experience or what an author tells you is the truth?

Readers are also told why we should adapt our way of looking at this generation.  The tone of the book appears to be, “Just deal with it”. We are given a lot of WHY we should just deal with it and only a little of HOW to deal with it.

There may be a little truth to what the author teaches. The fact remains that we are in a job seekers’ market because this generation switches jobs often and expects to be paid well while being trained. This book could well make the case that we have developed a new career, “Trainee”. Meanwhile, more and more jobs go overseas to places where people WILL work.

The book is well written and does provide some excellent advice.  However, reading this book won’t solve your problem. What it will do is make you feel a lot less empowered and, if you are the owner of a company, will probably make you want to close up shop or move to another country.

In the book, the author speaks of how ethical this generation is.  There may be some validity to that but, readers should trust what they see in the real world and not what they read in a book.  This is the same generation that often cheated on tests in college and also expected good college grades for very subpar work.

We can only give this book a mediocre rating and very little in the way of recommendation.  This isn’t so much because the writing is flawed; it isn’t. We give it an average rating because the premise is flawed.

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