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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Friendly Felines 2 November 2018

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This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

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Here are the fill-ins:

1. One can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

I know that can sound kinda hokey pokey, but it is true.  
If you set your goal on a prize, you can do it.
You might get knocked down, but get back up and start all over again.

2. Given the choice of cats or dogs, I would pick bofe.

I used to think of cats as furry snakes.
I thought they were sneaky and always into stuff.
But, they have kind of grown on me.
Xerxes was not the one that changed my mind,
but he was a big part of it.
He was so much like a little human boy that really,
really wanted to write with a pen or pencil.
He tried so hard to hold one.
He was/is our Manian Debil and we named our production company after him,
Manian Debil Productions.

3. Suzanne makes me feel special.

I think everyone knew I would say that.  

4. I never go a day without praying.

Prayer really does change things.
The day before Thanksgiving 1997, we had nothing and I mean really nothing
in the way of Thanksgiving stuff.
I sat at my desk and tried to come up with money somehow to buy
even just a turkey roll. There was no money there.
We had ham and bread for sandwiches and some Raman noodle soup.
We also had some oatmeal. We were not going to go hungry,
but we were not going to have any kind of Thanksgiving meal.

I didn’t close my eyes but I said a simple prayer, “God, Please!”.
That was all I said. As soon as I said it there was a knock at the back door.
It was Ken, a man from a church we used to attend when we lived right
across the road from the church.  

Ken’s daughter was called out of town unexpectedly and she asked her father
to go by her house and throw out all the perishable items so she would not
come home to a house full of rotten vegetables.

Ken thought, “What a waste.  I should give this to someone.”
He thought of us and brought them by.  

I prayed, “Thank You, God. Vegetables will make a nice Thanksgiving.”
But God wasn’t through yet.

Shortly the phone rang.  It was my adopted Granny.
She was the grandma of my best friend, Roger, from high school.
She said, “Bird (my nickname), they were giving away turkeys at
Doyle’s (her son and Roger’s father) work.  They had one extra.
Do you want it?” I thanked her and hung up. “Thanks, God!
Turkey, vegetables, this is gonna be a good Thanksgiving.”
But God wasn’t through yet.

I got sat back down at my desk and the phone rang again.
It was Mrs. Harris. She was the mother of one of my other
really good friends from high school.
She said, “Bird, I went shopping and I bought something for the kids.
Can I bring it by?” I told her yes and shortly they drove up in the yard.
It was not unusual for her to buy the kids a treat like
Little Debbie Cakes or those Freezy Pops that are liquid until you stick them
in the freezer and then you can eat them like a popsicle.

I thought, “Wow, turkey, vegetables, desert, thanks, God.”
But God wasn’t through yet.  

When she pulled up in the driveway, she said she needed help bringing
stuff in.  I thought, “Must be one BIG box of Freezy Pops”.
Her car soon began to look like a clown car.
The more stuff that came out of it, the more there was.
As the kids were unloading the car, she explained what she bought
and why she bought it.  She had bought turkey, two hams,
enough hot dog stuff for several meals, powdered potatoes, real potatoes,
corn meal (“No mixes for a real Southern girl” she said.)

There was stuff for macaroni and cheese pie, mac and cheese,
green bean casserole, spaghetti, and much, much more.

Buy the time she was through, our cabinets,
which had been completely empty, were full to bursting.
The two refrigerators, which before only held one gallon of ice tea, were full.
There were boxes of food piled hip deep all over the kitchen and dining room
and our office floor had boxes, too.

I prayed, “God, we can’t hold much more.  Thank you.”
And God was through with that blessing.
He has blessed us very much since.

So remember, God can do anything He chooses to do.
Let go and let God.

If you are in need, as most of us are, take time to pray.
If you are in plenty, take this time to bless someone the way
Granny, Ken, and Mrs. Harris blessed us.
You will feel the blessing as well.

Have a blessed week, y’all.

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  1. I think it's funny that we had basically the same answer for #1, without knowing what the other was writing. :)
    I love you, my Zing!

    1. Yep, we don't see the other one's answers until after we have written our own. Often times we give the same answer. I love you, my Zing!

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I loved your story about how GOd provided for your family in 1997. And yes, I knew you would say that Suzanne makes you feel special. I think Suzanne has a way about her that makes everyone feel special, I am sure you especially being that she is your wife. Have a nice weekend!

    1. That Thanksgiving was awesome. Suzanne is awesome, too. Our God is an awesome God. Have a blessed week.

  3. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! As if your initial answer to #4 wasn't wonderful enough, your full story about your Thanksgiving prayer being answered is beyond inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. God bless!

  4. How praying changed your Thanksgiving is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great answers. Our Purrsonal Assistant says that those delicious baked good pictures on your blog make her hungry!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,


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