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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Recently Suzanne and I have been researching diabetes and its related complications. One thing we have learned is that diabetes isn’t necessarily hereditary. I think what could be said is that a tendency to be a diabetic could be inherited but that the condition itself is not. Sort of like alcoholism. Two siblings can both be raised in the same household and one will become an alcoholic and the other might not.

What we have learned with diabetes is that the food we eat and other factors play a key role in the development of the condition. My family ate, what we thought, was a well-balanced diet. We had meat, vegetables, fruits etc. What we know now is that this diet definitely led to the onset of my diabetes.

In addition, my mother had my labor induced two weeks before my due date. This seems to have a strong correlation to my diabetes. It is possible that I would have baked inside my mother for nearly a month longer. This would have given me a healthier start in life. Neither my older sister nor my younger brother were induced and neither has diabetes. However, my sister has hypoglycemia.

Both of my parents smoked heavily. We often rode in the car with the two of them puffing away like chimneys. Scientific studies show an overwhelming correlation between children exposed to second hand smoke and the onset of childhood diabetes (as well as COPD).

Suzanne has discovered a raw food diet. Not a diet where one eats raw meat. This diet consists of eating vegetables without cooking them. There is no meat in the diet and no animal products. When we are able to stick to this diet 100% I feel better and my numbers improve. When I get away from it I start to feel bad.

Years ago my family owned a Western Auto Store. One of our customers, Fred Rainey, used to tell of a vast improvement he had while sticking to a macrobiotic diet. We called Fred “Cuz”. As Cuz told it he was feeling bad and he went to the VA hospital. While at the VA he was told by several doctors that he had cancer and was going to die soon. Cuz decide to fight it. He found an macrobiotic diet and stuck to it religiously. As I remember it, Cuz outlived every doctor who was in the room when he was told he had cancer.

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If you are suffering from diabetes you may find a you have a drastic improvement by sticking to a raw food diet and exercising.
Currently I am trying to reverse the complications I have had with my diabetes. Exercise and nutraceutical supplements have helped me drastically improve in these areas.

I hope to share more with you soon.

I will begin blogging more regularly as my health gets back on track. 

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