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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Word High July 06 July 2016 bughaw

Today’s word is bughaw.   This word means the color blue in the Philippines.   I am not sure if it means a particular shade of blue or not.

Blue, of course, makes one think of a clear blue sky.  This can be a very peaceful thought.   Personally, I prefer bright colors.  I like the 'electric' colors like electric blue, electric green, and electric red.   These colors really stand out to me.   I don’t like muted colors, just like I don’t like anything distressed.  If I buy new furniture, by golly, I want it to look new.  If I buy new jeans, I want them to be the darkest, bluest jeans on the planet.   None of that faded garbage they sell out there from time-to-time

This July 15th, in honor of our angel baby Dorian’s 23rd birthday in heaven, we will be giving all of our books away free.  Please download and read these books.  We have had to change the way we make money here since I suffered three strokes back in May.   We no longer sell Avon door-to door, but you can still buy it on our website at https://smcclendon.avonrepresentative.com.  You can also help us by purchasing things from our Etsy store at http://www.etsy.com/shop/StitchetyDoDa?ref=offsite_badges&utm_source=sellers&utm_medium=badges&utm_campaign=en_isell_1.

You can help us by downloading our books free.  Then, read them.  Every quarter, Amazon has a contest to determine which 100 authors in the United States have the most pages read.   If we make it into the top 100, we will share a part in a pool of money Amazon sets aside for the top 100 authors.

Please also give us feedback on our books and leave your honest review at Amazon.  We thank you. 

Disclaimer: These words and these photos are from an article by Isabelle Laureta on BuzzFeed titled
“36 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The Philippine Language”. All credit goes to them.

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  1. Oooh. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and color preferences! :D Bughaw is just blue. :)

    1. Thank you for clarifying that. There are so many shades it is difficult to know what one means when they say blue.

    2. Thank you for clarifying that. There are so many shades it is difficult to know what one means when they say blue.

  2. Oh, if I were to buy things... it'd either be white, black, or both. Although in the visible spectrum, these were not considered as colors. :)

    1. Black and white are timeless, classic colors. They make a great color in a cat, too. I was working on a story for Gindy's Videos and I realized that we have had a lot of black and white kitty cats. It seems like most of them stood out from the crowd in one way or another.


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